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CodeMachine is my old buddy. I developed it in 2008 and its last version was published in 2009. However it’s still useful at some places. If you are still creating web apps using Asp.Net web forms, if you like Stored Procedures then this is the tool for you.  By reviewing this tool you will understand that I have good hands on .Net technologies too.

What is CodeMachine



CodeMachine is a code generator tool for C# and VB.NET. It generates code using SQL server 2005, 2008 and 2014. To install Codemachine at your computer you will require Dot Net Framework 3.5. It generates code to build web applications in VS 2005 and VS 2008

What It Do

By using CodeMachine you can generate business classes, aspx pages with full ajax support, backend code of aspx pages, stored procedures (Select, Insert, Update and Delete) of all tables of your MS SQL database. CodeMachine generates code in both C# and VB.Net. It supports most common data types of MS SQL Server2008.

Supported SQL Data Types

CodeMachine supports all common data types of MSSQL Server 2008.

Generates XML from tables

CodeMachine let you ability to generate XML from tables with data and provide option to write schema in XML. In its query editor you can change select query to get specific data.

Download CodeMachine


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