So this is part 3 of our MyChat app setup series. In our previous article we learnt that how to setup the Firebase basic structure. Here we will see how to configure the push notification in Firebase for our app. You can download the full source code of project from here.

Experience live demo here

  1. Select Notification Menu from the left sidebar and add firebase to your android app.
  2. To register your app give Android package name which will be unique name and name should be in this “” format and then click on Register app.
  3. Then copy SenderId and Legacy server key  from Project Setting’s Cloud Messaging tab, and replace in  your code.

 index.html –  replace AuthorizationKey  value to Legacy server key value and replace your SenderId value.


Now push notification configuration is setup for MyChat app. That’s all we need to do setup and run the project. If you have any further query then please feel free to put in comments section.


Now learn how to integrate Facebook and Google authentication in MyChat App

Push notification configuration for MyChat app

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