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Step by Step guide to setup Ionic 2 in Windows

Hey, I am currently working on Ionic 2 for creating mobile apps. When I started with Ionic 2, I was also confused like you all…that “What to do”, “How to start with Ionic 2”. I referred many blogs but found only few of them to be helpful. Currently I am creating an Ionic 2 application and have completed with designing part. While designing I faced many problems that I want to share with you all. Before going to designing part, let’s start with installing our requirements to run Ionic 2 applications.

Note: I am sharing you the steps to install following requirements in Windows.

Follow steps below to start Installing:

1) Node.js:

Node.js is needed to install Ionic and cordova on our system. Install Node.js from here.


Here, download the v6.9.1 version.

2) Install Ionic 2 and Cordova:

For Installing Ionic 2 and Cordova, you need Command Prompt.

Follow below steps to install Ionic and Cordova:

a) Open Command Prompt by Pressing Windows+R.

b) Type npm install  -g cordova and press Enter.

npm install -g cordova

c) Type npm install  -g ionic and press Enter.

npm install -g ionic

Ionic and Cordova will be installed now.

d) After Installing Ionic and Cordova, you can see if their versions are recent one or not by typing “ionic info”.

Note: If you want to update your ionic and cordova. You can do it using bellow syntax:

npm update -g ionic
npm update -g cordova

e) Finally Install Typescript by typing npm install -g typescript and press enter.
Typescript is typed super set of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript. It is used in Ionic 2 in place of JavaScript. It has an extension .ts and all the functionality code is written in this file.

npm install -g typescript

3) Visual Studio Code:
Visual Studio Code is an Editor just like Sublime Text where you will be going to enter your code for Ionic 2 application. You can learn more about it and download it from here. It is completely free.

4) Browser:
Ionic 2 is used to create mobile apps, its apk file(android) and ipa file(ios) is created and then run on your mobiles, but creating apk file/ipa file every time to see the output is a hectic task. Thus, we need a browser to see our output.
You should use Google Chrome(recommended).

5) Android Studio:
Android Studio is the official Integrated Development Environment(IDE) for Android app development, based on IntelliJ IDEA. You can create your mobile apps here, but it is recommended not to use it as it uses Java for coding and we will be using Ionic 2 for coding.
Right Now, you must know that you will need Android Studio while building your app(just to create apk, nothing else), thus install it beforehand. You can download it from here.


These are all the requirements to be installed to get started with Ionic 2.

Hope you have successfully installed all the above requirements.

In the next article we will see how to build a sample app and run it in browser and then creating apk using command prompt. If you want to see how to publish an apk then please check this post

Step by Step guide to setup Ionic 2 in Windows

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